Nearing the end of 2016!

As Windwood Farm gears up for the holiday season at the end of 2016, we are humbled by our growth and amazing customer base.  To update everyone we now have our products in 90 stores!!!  We have recently added Family Pharmacy as a customer of ours which put our products in 20 locations in one shot!  We continue to get overwhelming positive feedback from people with all kinds of skin issues, and that is truly what pushes us to keep moving forward.  Going forward we are going to continue to try to add many more locations in and out of the Ozarks.  Our big project right now is cleaning up a 2200 sq/ft machine shop to convert into a soap making facility.  The shop has been in the family for 60 years, so we are excited to keep it in the family and continue to use this space as a place of business for the Malas family.  The shop is located on Commercial St. in Springfield, so it is also a great fit for the North Springfield Betterment Association project.  We look forward to updating our website with more positive news and we want to thank everyone for their continued support!!!

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